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Supported hash algorithms

Hash algorithms, hash algorithms... What the hell is a hash algorithm?
Hmm... Let's take a look at the FAQs to answer your question.

Ok, ok. I know what's a hash algorithm. Now, which are supported by HashSum?
That's a difficult question. The list of supported algorithms could vary between versions. For HashSum 1.0, the list of supported hash algorithms is:

Name Digest length
CRC32 32 bits
Adler32 32 bits
MD2 128 bits
MD4 128 bits
MD5 128 bits
RIPEMD-160 160 bits
SHA-1 160 bits
HAS-160 160 bits
Tiger 192 bits
SHA-2 family 224-512 bits

And what about future plans?
That's an even more difficult question. We would like to support the widest variety of hash algorithms possible. That has already meant writing a lot of implementations from scratch, with the only help of the standard and some test vectors. These is the list of the algorithms we have in our nearest plans:

Name Length Description
Whirlpool 512 bits
The Whirlpool hash algorithm is a modified version of AES, the current encryption standard (also known as Rijndael), which, instead of streaming its output, combines it, thus making the AES encryption function into the hash compression function
Just like Rijndael, its maths can be represented pretty simply. However, when it comes to the implementation complexity...